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Memetic Hazard Episode 18: FTDI and IFLS as a fandom

Smallville ending reaction

Folding Ideas on GG (Gamergate in 20 minutes)

that cartoon we were talking about

Lyndon Johnson Tapes

couldn’t be bothered to trawl for the actual sarkeesian effect interview trailer but this matt lees version is probably funnier anyway



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Memetic Hazard Episode 14: Contagious Idiocy && Ebola As A Fandom

Apologies for the shortness and abrupt ending this week – despite recording for about two and a half hours, something went wrong with the audio about 40 minutes in (which you can hear very slightly at the end), an error which Josef was able to identify but sadly not to fix. Attempts may be made in the future to recover it but for now the back-end of the episode where we talk about Pitchfork Media and Josef says some libellous things about conservatives and cats is lost. Thankfully, the bit where Adam tries to sing Moonage Daydream for about five seconds has survived. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Hopefully a fuller show next week, barring technical issues.

Adam drinking Old Speckled Hen

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