memhazs05e0042: eight mono minutes

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This week we talk about:

  • Rorschach blot face
  • No Cards
  • Sometimes you don’t have to
  • Free Energy Model
  • Equinox Transition
  • The Rhythm OF The YEar
  • Energy to remove leap days
  • Nuke the earth’s core
  • metric martyrs II
  • cautionary tales
  • mobile videos (the one I talk about is 0:18-1:04 of this)
  • Josef’s Media Predictions
  • Low Effort Creation
  • Emergent Sim
  • Fake Nintendo Wikis
  • Josef’s CYOA book
  • New Old Zelda
  • Bump Mapping
  • Priming The Consumer
  • Verisimilitudinous Choices
  • Wide Film
  • The Headset Marys
  • Corporate Website Vibes
  • The Maps
  • Concerns of the Times