memhazs05e0045: Grease Tray In A Uni House

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This week we talk about:

  • New Year New Chair
  • Ikea Variations
  • Chaotic Duos
  • Chaotic Unit
  • Josef’s Dislike Of Arms
  • Big Item Choices
  • Standing Desks
  • Keyboard On The Floor
  • Early Start Lofi Vid
  • Toaster delivery
  • BrevilleVEVO
  • Flat Toast
  • Animism Again
  • ???Blood convergence???
  • Jack Tinker Cribs
  • British Central Dogma
  • “mild phantom limb”
  • Base Rate Expectation
  • Architecting Your Health
  • Sun Cream 🙁
  • Debuffs
  • Programmes Health
  • The X-Files
  • Modern Feeling
  • Fundamental Attribution Error

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